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  • Make A Newsletter, Now!

    Make A Newsletter, Now!

    It wasn’t so long ago that internet pundits declared email dead. Social media had eaten the internet. There was no better way of sharing your work with the wider world. But then the algorithms came and they changed the dynamic. While social media remains the central way to gaining new audiences, actually reaching that audience is another matter. And so, email came back. Email cuts through the algorithm, letting you directly reach your audience again. And also, unlike social media followers, you can keep your mailing list even if your platform of choice gets bought by an incompetent, malicious billionaire.

  • Leaving Twitter – Making Your Own Site

    Leaving Twitter – Making Your Own Site

    As a game designer, you might want your little corner of the internet. If you think of yourself as a storyteller, this is a place to do some storytelling about yourself and your work. If you think of yourself as a publisher, then there are a number of hard-headed practical reasons for carving out a website for yourself – it’s a handy introduction to potential new readers, it helps with marketing and search engine discoverability, and on and on. A linktree or an itch storefront do some of these things but they can’t do them all.  So if you’ve come here looking for basic advice on how to start your website for free or very cheap, you’ve come to the right place!

  • Sandy Pug’s Co-Op Manifesto

    Sandy Pug’s Co-Op Manifesto

    Working as a part of a co-op is the most fun I’ve ever had making things, and it’s by far and away the most powerful model for making art out there right now. I mean that in every sense of the word. Cooperative groups win big on Kickstarter, get eyes on their projects, and produce the best work in the industry. I think you should start or join a co-op, and I wanna teach you a few things I’ve learned after doing it twice.